Simplicity In A World Of Complexity

The Science of Science

Science plays an increasingly significant role in the success of elite athletes today. Solutions are available to measure and capture vasts amount of data on everything from speed, strength, aerobic fitness, heart-rate, nutrition and mental wellbeing. Sports clubs are heavily investing in these solutions primarily to give insights to medical staff and coaches on the physical condition of their athletes prior to game day.

But how can the athletes make use of this?

Analyze with Kairos

Kairos Analytics provides a simple and engaging dashboard for athletes to view in real-time how they’ve performed after every session. By integrating performance measurement solutions from industry leading vendors, Kairos aggregates multiple data points to present a personalized session overview to the athlete before they leave the dressing room. This results in:

When we finish team training, I'm always interested to see how I performed. The Kairos app helps me compare my own performance over time and also against the other lads, which definitely adds competition and drive to our sessions!

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