Simplifying planning: Engineering performance

Kairos is a platform for professional sports units to streamline planning and optimise performance.

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Preparation Breeds Champions

Kairos reduces game day anxiety by reconfirming to both players and management that preparation has gone well. It reassures no stone has been left unturned and facilitates soundness of mind pre-game night.

We have studied the methodical approach to elite preparation where athletes feel in control, have trust that their process has been executed to the place where there's nothing else to worry about.

There are no shortcuts to building a team each season You build the foundation brick by brick

―Bill Belichick, head coach New England Patriots

Team Plan

The Manager/Head Coach/Assistant can easily create and publish a Master Schedule. When published a notification will be pushed out to the smartphones of every player in the designated squad. The Master Schedule will include all generic squad and unit activities from matches, squad trainings, set play trainings, briefings, meetings, etc.

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Personal Plan

Once each player is notified of the published Master Schedule they will be invited to populate their personal schedule with all the activities that are unique to them. Activities may include Strength and Conditioning, set piece training, physio, club doctor, club PR, personal non-club related commitments, etc.

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Session Plan

Kairos enables coaches to upload session detail, rich media, notes and participant details to session plans within the admin dashboard so that players and coaches can view the information and plan accordingly. The quality of performance almost always reflects the quality of training in the run up to game day. The content and requirements of the team training session are uploaded to the ‘Session Plan’ in Kairos and the players can then plan accordingly.

The result is that training itself becomes a performance. The intensity of the session is greater, there is less wasted time and players are less prone to injury having to replicate tasks that have not been executed as intended. More is achieved in a shorter more focused period of time.

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APIs & Integration

Kairos has the ability to harness third party information that can help players and management/coaches maximise performance from individuals and the team. The Kairos App acts as the single window for players to gain the information they need to maximise their performance.


All communications and interactions betweens players, backroom staff, coaches and management is delivered through Kairos’ secure platform.

Every activity and event in the organisation can be communicated and arranged in detail through the platform to safeguard against schedule clashes and misunderstandings. Management, Coaches and backroom staff can securely communicate directly with players to ensure the best use of time and resources.

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