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Kairos is the world’s most effective platform for streamlining planning and optimizing the performance of elite athletes.

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Preparation Breeds Champions

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Kairos eliminates the disruptions experienced by elite athletes and helps them achieve clarity of mind in the moment that matters most: game day.

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Thanks to a methodical approach to training and game preparation, players are ready to perform and with the confidence needed to be successful consistently

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Kairos untangles layers of complexity and chaos within the life of a player by simplifying preparation and providing a calmer environment all round

Designed for Success


In one click, teams can synchronize player diaries, track and manage appointments, and athletes can own and execute their weekly schedules.


Kairos enables a methodical approach to performance for players and their team, allowing them to create and execute detailed training plans.


Kairos aggregates analytic data from industry leading performance measurement solutions and presents this in real-time in a simple and engaging player dashboard.

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